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maria DiamanDi/crew: 180 minutes for 18 ideas - Apr. 2014

First student team art exhibition

Teacher - curator: Maria DiamanDi

In April 2014, three years since the day Maria DiamanDi's historic atelier reopened in Keramikos, reviving the garment and accesorise for fashion and theater courses that her grandmother was giving since 1935, its students wishing to share this first experience with the public - and make known the different way they see the costume and the accesssorise, since they come in contact with its making and history - they organaized a team art exhibition, with the theme: '' the costume as a kind of art with alternative matterials or not alternative ones''. Tin lids, pins, cloths and marshmallows are only some of the matterials that have been used to convert the costume   [ dress, hat ] from a simple everyday object to an art canvas. The exhibition was presented to the public of Athens titled as ''180 minutes for 18 ideas'' on Friday 25 April 2014 at the Maria DiamanDi atelier.

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