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Maria Diamandi has her own philosophy concerning fashion. She introduces us every garment as a piece of art that you can collect at your wardrobe since Maria Diamandi doesn’t remove any model from her collection. Every season she adds a restricted number of new items enriching her collection in this way. The pieces are numbered so that we know on which year every piece of art was made and added on the collection. By doing this, people can start collecting small fashion masterpieces just like collecting famous paintings or collections of poems.

Her unique artistic fashion as a term attempts to primary describe the very process of turning a simple piece of clothing into a unique dress rather than the end product itself. From the moment a prospect client contacts her atelier a meeting is arranged in order to decide on which of her creations best suit the client's image and idiosyncrasy. The next step involves the stage of a ''working sample'' where the final modifications take place, along with final decisions on the colour and type of fabric, so that the end product will suffer no modifications whatsoever. The resulting piece of art is totally custom hand-made hence the waiting list.

Private viewing by appointment only. Please contact or visit contact to fill the application form.



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